Volunteer in HIV/AIDS program

Volunteer in HIV/AIDS program is one of the area from you can volunteer with us, there is serious problem in this area, and you could advise the people who are already affect, speak to Children in School and so manu other areas

  • Volunteer and travel to Tanzania starts $175
  • Safety is our #1 priority and you will always have in country support
  • With over a decade of experience, Global Crossroad will provide you with everything you need for a memorable and satisfying trip
  • Share you specialized skills and interests and help fight the HIV/AIDS virus through education

AIDS is a tragic virus and voracious killer, particularly on the immense continent of Africa. Despite prevention efforts, the rate of the HIV infection is still rising in many African countries. HIV/AIDS is crippling the lives and economies of many nations on the continent, and Tanzania is no exception.

This volunteering with the HIV/AIDS prevention project in Tanzania aims to prevent the transmission of HIV/AIDS and provide support to those already infected. Our partners work to advance adolescent reproductive health and disease awareness and prevention. We seek to eradicate myths about HIV/AIDS and focus on promoting behavioral changes with open discussions within community groups, including youth in- and out-of-schools, antenatal clinics, and general community meetings. We share information related to health, reproductive health, and the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.

Many HIV/AIDS infected people are living a sorrowful life in Tanzania. Volunteer work with HIV/AIDS prevention in Tanzania is focused on improving these sorrowful lives. They have lost their self-esteem and social power. Awareness of this pandemic is not sufficient to help these existing patients and loving, caring, and empathetic volunteers are needed to work with patients to provide support and hope. You might also be interested in the medical volunteer program in Tanzania too. Or, volunteer with HIV/AIDS awareness projects in other African countries.

Whether you represent an organisation interested in supporting VHSO or an Individual : if you would like to join the VHSO efforts, or discuss other means of getting involved, please CONTACT US. VHSO promise that 100% of all donations received will be spent on the fight against FGM. If you would like to support in other ways, for example through holding an event, climbing Kilimanjarorunning a marathon etc. Email us at: info@villageshealthsupport.org or Whatsapp: +255767747410

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