Volunteer Information

Volunteer Information


Volunteer information is important before you choose what kind of program you would want to take in our Organization. Medical volunteering in Tanzania Arusha will be a great opportunity for all pre-med, medical and nursing students to know about the healthcare scenario of a Third World Country and effectively contribute towards the well being of the people.

Placements are provided in medical clinics, dispensaries, and hospitals located in and around the city of Arusha. This program is particularly suited for those volunteers looking for international hands-on experience and overseas medical work exposure. Medical professionals are also welcomed to be a part of this project and contribute as much as they can. Work will vary depending on the experiences of individual volunteers.

Volunteering Solutions also arranges Dentistry and Elective placements in Tanzania. Dentistry volunteers work in the dental department in hospital placements in Arusha. The placements are suitable for dental students looking to do a Dental Elective Program in Africa and gain some valuable knowledge and experience by working under the supervision of dentists and dental assistants.

Volunteer Roles & Responsibilities

  • The major task would be to shadow the professionals and assist them whenever needed.
  • Depending on your skills, you’ll be assigned work like suturing wounds, giving vaccinations etc.
  • Assist patients with activities such as getting them from one service point to another.
  • You need to be actively involved in the daily procedures of the hospital, taking rounds of the wards, maintaining files, and doing routine patient checkups like measure Blood pressure, pulse, check fever etc.

Volunteer Work Schedule

As a volunteer for the Medical Program in Arusha, Tanzania, your general schedule would be:

  • Sunday – Arrival at the destination (Arusha)
  • Monday – An orientation session will be conducted by the local coordinator, covering the major topics such as safety, culture, language, places to visit, behavior, food, and other suggestions for things to do in Tanzania.
  • Tuesday to Friday – Volunteer work at the placement.
  • Weekends – Explore the city / Head out for wildlife safaris and much more.
  • Breakfast – 07:30 am onwards.
  • Working hours at the placement – 08:30 am to 12:30 pm and 02:00 pm to 03:00 pm.
  • Lunch – 12:30 pm onwards.
  • Dinner – 06:30 pm onwards.

The same work schedule continues from the second week onwards (Monday – Friday).

Note: Please note, the schedule may vary depending on the particular project the volunteer is participating on.

Whether you represent an organisation interested in supporting VHSO or an Individual : if you would like to join the VHSO efforts, or discuss other means of getting involved, please CONTACT US. VHSO promise that 100% of all donations received will be spent on the fight against FGM. If you would like to support in other ways, for example through holding an event, climbing Kilimanjarorunning a marathon etc. Email us at: info@medicalvisits.org or Whatsapp: +255759694668

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