Medical and Healthcare Volunteering

Medical and Health Care Volunteering in Tanzania Arusha will be a great opportunity for all pre-med, medical, nursing students as well as other student to know about the healthcare scenario of a Third World Country and effectively contribute towards the well being of the people.

Without volunteers to rely on in Tanzania, it is hard to imagine how the public health industry could fulfill its mission to help the people in remote areas. The impact of volunteerism goes far beyond the doctors and nurses who volunteer their time and expertise for our weekly medical tours in Villages.

Many people who want to help others do not need health care experience to support efforts like educating the public about health and safety issues, as well as visiting Schools in Villages where much needed attention is needed! Sometimes I think, what if there was no one to volunteer? 

As busy as life can be, it can seem hard to find the time for Medical and Healthcare Volunteering. This guide will help you gain an informed perspective on volunteering. Below we cover the social and economic impact of volunteers and the personal benefits of volunteering.


Economic Impact

If we check the impact and the difference we have made by concentrating on our weekly medical visits, you will be amazed with the impact we have hard in our communities! Our Medical and Healthcare Volunteering have had very serious impact, and so we will never say that we do not need more volunteers!

The report cites research by the Johns Hopkins Center for Civil Society Studies, which found that about 140 million people in 37 countries volunteer their services to the equivalent of 20.8 million full-time jobs, contributing about $400 billion to the global economy.

Social Impact

Volunteering plays a key role in strengthening our society by acting as a bridge between socioeconomic divides. On a community level, Villages Health Support Organization become a part of is likely to collaborate in social networks with other volunteer organizations and local governments, providing services that help build a cohesive society.

For corporations, volunteering is a key part of promoting socially responsible business practices by tying in business decisions with respect for the community and the environment. Socially responsible corporations like to be known for founding or supporting philanthropic programs, using eco-friendly materials and manufacturing processes, and encouraging their employees to better their communities.

Employee-based volunteer programs strengthen a company’s relationship with its employees by promoting teamwork and encouraging open communication. These programs also firm up the relationship between a business and its surrounding community.


Why do people volunteer? Many people are motivated by selflessness, the desire to feel good, or the need to assuage guilt. Some want to demonstrate their commitment to a cause, while others may be looking for a new challenge to keep themselves busy or simply want to feel needed in some way.

Students are often required to log a certain number of volunteer hours as a requirement for admission into a rigorous program.

On a personal level, volunteering has been shown to deliver benefits such as improved social skills, social recognition, higher self-esteem and better health.

Essentials for Successful Volunteering

Compassion, humility, an open mind, and a positive attitude ensure a positive volunteer experience. You have the best chance for making a valuable contribution if you:

  • Strive to be well-prepared and organized
  • Are emotionally stable
  • Are a good listener
  • Are self-reliant, adaptable and resilient
  • Are patient and cooperative
  • Have a passion for sharing your knowledge and skills

The Time Commitment

If you are a first time volunteer, short-term assignments will provide the best chance to see if the work is right for you. Short-term volunteering is especially valuable if you can make up for an acute shortage of help by providing expertise not otherwise found at the organization.

Keep in mind that short-term commitments are not cost effective for organizations that must make a considerable investment in screening, transporting or housing for their volunteers. When you find the right volunteer program, serving for a longer term gives you the opportunity to develop a higher level of skill and accomplish more.


Whether you represent an organisation interested in supporting VHSO or an Individual : if you would like to join the VHSO efforts, or discuss other means of getting involved, please CONTACT US. VHSO promise that 100% of all donations received will be spent on our projects. If you would like to support in other ways, for example through holding an event, climbing Kilimanjarorunning a marathon etc. Email us at: info@villageshealthsupport.org or Whatsapp: +255767747410

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